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Are You A Healer Or Emotionally Unhealthy?

19/12/2017 08:59:22

There is a difference. 


What happens is that most people log online and think that their sensitivity or mood changes and crying, etc equates to being an Empath or an Intuitive. That those qualities make them a healer because they feel drained or can sense other people's feelings. 


Let's talk reality here. 


Energy is real. Energy is the reason that when a person walks into a room, they can either elevate the mood and make it feel inviting or they can drain the very life out of the room. Energy is the reason that you really are drawn to a person and you immediately like them and don't know why- or vice versa, you decide that you really don't care for them. 


Energy. As you walk through your day there are transference regularly. It occurs in a simple smile with a passing stranger or a conversation with a coworker. 


Facts. Everyone has intuition. It is a way to use your inner senses to perceive the world and environment around you. Everyone also has the innate ability to feel energy. It's the reason why you can naturally sense someone else's sadness or react to another person's anger. 




While everyone has intuition, NOT everyone is an Intuitive. Not everyone is an Empath. And everyone does not have a heightened use of inner senses in the metaphysical realm. So this means that you are not exhibiting a metaphysical gift or sensitivity simply because you have been feeling drained or that you were sad when someone else was feeling sad. These kinds of things make you a normal compassionate human being. Metaphysical gifts operate in six senses and not five. 


The other thing I hear a lot is "Broken people just find me!" or something to the effect of being the person that random people just walk up to needing help or healing. 


That does not make you an Empath or an Intuitive or a healer for that matter. 


Energy attracts energy. Your own brokenness can be like a light house, a beacon. It's like moths to a flame. You are attracting these broken people to you out of your need to heal others, in order to heal yourself. That does not make you a healer. Too often people are way too open and not in control of their moods or emotions and unable to set boundaries with the random person- who also does not have boundaries, and who walks up to you and pours out their life story. Listening to that person does not make you a healer. It makes you open and you have to look at the reason why you choose not to set boundaries. Or why you are overly accepting of every broken person that comes your way. 


Healers have done their own work and continue to do their own work to maintain balance in their mind, body, and spirit. They are not looking to heal others in order to make themselves feel good. The desire and need to heal others is innate and due to a responsibility, not due to a self serving need. They also give and do not look to receive, consciously or subconsciously. Whenever I see someone who does not give, does not seek to help heal others, and they are constantly surrounded by broken people, and yet they say they have a gift, I question it and I am leery. 


So when people come to me and ask me if they are a healer, or tell me that they are an Empath or an Intuitive with metaphysical gifts, I ask a few things. 


- Have you done your research?

- Has anyone else with gifts ever told you that you have gifts?

- Did you inherit your gifts?

-What do you believe your gifts to be?


Some people have actual metaphysical gifts. Innate God given gifts. Everyone has gifts and, don't get me wrong, everyone has a purpose. But this is one that you don't want to haphazardly claim because it's currently en trend. It's one that comes with serious responsibility. Make sure your emotional state is in tact and that you've done your research.


Know that those of us with metaphysical gifts recognize one another. There will be no doubt if you have gifts too.