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I'm Not A Psychic

12/12/2017 12:57:22


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Well, that's not all of the way true. 


I have psychic abilities, but I am by no means the woman sitting with a crystal ball waiting to tell you your future. 


That's not what I do. 


So many people come to me wanting me to give them a straight up yes or no answer to guide them with an obstacle or an issue in their life. 


That's not what I do either. 


Here is what I do. 


I am Clairvoyant and a Medium, among other things. I am also what is called Clairaudient and Claircognizant. This means that I have the gift of sight (seeing things before they happen or as they are occurring), that I can hear (telepathic messages and through spiritual downloads directly from Source and the Divine that I am given to translate for others), and the gift of knowing. As a medium, I operate between the veil of both worlds and can hear and feel messages and communicate with those who have passed on so that I can translate messages here to this world for them. 


What does all of that mean? I have the ability to experience the world through my senses in a way that others can not. I have had these gifts since I was a young child and now understanding them better, I choose to use them to help others find peace and a sense of healing. 


The really cool part is that I spent years working as a therapist, so I also intertwine therapeutic principles to help you along the way to manage what we uncover in your readings. 


Yes, I can just look at you and get a sense of certain things, see some things clearly that have happened to you or are happening to you, but I don't walk around my day open and ready to just give people messages. I'd rather enjoy my coffee at Starbucks or enjoy my movie at the theater versus having a conversation with you about what your spirit guides are telling me. 


No, I can't turn this thing off. It's not like a light switch where I can choose when I want to use it. It's just who I am and how I am designed. 


No, I'm not going to just walk up to you and give you a message. And likewise, NO I'm not going to just perform on demand when you think to ask "tell me what you see". 


That's not what I do and that's not how any of this works. 


It is a gift that I take seriously. It is not my duty or purpose to save everyone or walk around and give everyone an opportunity to tap into me. 


You have to set an appointment for my time and compensate me for my knowledge. That let's me know that you respect my gifts and what I do. 


You have to approach me with an open mind.


Look, I know that this entire concept is not easy to comprehend. You may have questions and those are totally normal. I'm so very open to answering any questions you may have about who I am, about my gifts, and about the process. 


Now that you understand a little about what I do and what I don't do, make sure you book a 10 minute consultation to help get you booked on the service that will best help guide you toward the solutions that you are looking for. 


I'm not Ms. Cleo or any of the other stuff you see on television. I'm the real deal. No crystal ball included. 


But lots of love, light, and positivity will be included. 


First step in your journey, book the appointment. I look forward to being there for you when you do!