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Venus- Why She Isn't Just One Sexy MF

09/02/2018 12:19:05

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If you follow normal astrologers, they will have you falling in love in the month of February. Instead of discussing all of the other planetary alignments, they will align Venus in Pisces this month with Valentine's Day and talk about love and how romantic Pisces is and what that looks like when it moves into Venus. 

But Venus isn't just one sexy MF.

On the surface, Venus is the planet of all of the things we find pleasurable and beautiful. All of the things that we harvest and cultivate. It appears to be femininity and love, and it is also where we look at things like money and how we manifest love and finances. 

Like I said though, Venus isn't just one sexy MF.

Every deity has a dark side. Astrologers often don't want to go there. When you deal with me, I do. 

Venus can be your undoing. The part of you that unravels due to what you find pleasurable and what you choose to indulge in. Venus is a place of impulses and instinct. Your desires and what drives those desires. 

So when we talk Venus in Pisces, we are talking about so much more than love and dreamy frilly things like romance. Pisces tends to have a heady quality that lives in a dreamy state that does not like to be in touch with reality. It's almost like watching a soap opera. Romance and drama with no sense of how things work or should work in reality. Endearing, but can be a problem. 

True, Venus in Pisces sees us open up our boundaries where love and money is concerned. Letting our ideas take flight and dreaming past the limitations we often have for ourselves. But that only takes in account the one alignment of Venus in Leo. 

There are some other things at play that make a huge difference on how we will navigate this energy.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. 

Neptune is Pisces' ruler. With Neptune in Pisces, we do much of our visionary work, recognizing how to use your personal power and your intuition. Chiron, the wounded healer, in Pisces shows us how to tap into our inner self to heal vs looking to outside sources to heal, confirm, and validate. 

The key- you have to be attuned to your higher self, willing to look within despite all of the ugly and the stuff we don't want to deal with. Here's the part where people get it messed up. Healing starts with you working on yourself void of linking to another person. That means, you can't go healing yourself through relationships or through healing others. You must be in alignment first before attempting those things. 

North Node in Leo.

Karma. Lessons. 

Remember, the moon is illuminated by the sun. Therefore, a light is shined on darkness. When you are dealing with the Nodes of the moon, we are looking at those sides of us that are not readily illuminated. With the North Node in Leo (ruled by the Sun), we see constant light shed on all of the things and areas we try to hide. All of the stuff we don't want to discuss- bad habits, dysfunction. 

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

The lessons keep coming. Saturn setting limitations and boundaries and Pluto enforcing them after all of the skeletons have been dug out of the closet.

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This is a push for action and growth. New Moon is a time for setting intentions and new beginnings. Aquarius likes freedom and can't deal with restrictions, yet is restricted where emotions are concerned.

See where this is going?

This is why Venus is a MF. 

Venus in Pisces may put us in our feels, have us floating on Cloud Nine. But you are euphoric more than realistic about what you are experiencing and what you need. That is your undoing, the place where you can unravel as you float, float on that Aquarius air all the way to the Sun during that partial solar eclipse where you get your wings singed. 

And then you come floating back down to earth in the lessons of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and forced to see all that is your karmic lesson in North Node in Leo. 

2018 continues to illuminate and eliminate. Holding up the mirror and shining the spotlight. And while I would like to make you feel good about Love and Light and Venus and Pisces, that element exists, but you have to be aware of the other side of the game. So when life is consistent, like it is, and brings you to a screeching halt as you ascend in euphoria, know that the sunlight, while it warms you, can burn you as well. Wake up calls are in order. 

Are these negative things?

Not at all. 

They are places of growth that are necessary. Reminders that shakeups occur and that change is inevitable. 

Now you can be aware. 

Love, by all means. 

But know that Venus just isn't some sexy MF.