What can I expect during a reading?

Readings are personal. All information is confidential. Come with an open mind, pen and paper, and be in a quiet space where you can relax and concentrate. A lot of information will be revealed during a reading. Information that may leave you feeling vulnerable. That's okay. By the end of the reading you will feel empowered to make the necessary changes in life and feel a sense of peace.

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I don't live in Atlanta. Can I still have a reading?

You can! I use video chat and a phone conference line for readings. You can be anywhere in the world and have a session with me.

I don't like what was revealed in my reading? Can I have a refund?

No refunds are issued on services. 

Look, readings are much like tough love. Spirit has a word directly for you and I am merely the conduit delivering the message. Many people come for a reading with a specific topic in mind. Spirit has another. My job is to discuss what Spirit shows me. If you are looking for a reader to play around with tarot cards and shoot the breeze with you about love and life and to tell you to keep the relationship with the man you want or to quit your job, I am NOT the person for you!

Can another person sit in with me on my reading?

I am scared of talking with family members or friends that have passed on. Should I still get a reading?

My answer is no, not from me. I can refer you to other friends who are Intuitives and not a Medium. I am Clairvoyant, Intuitive, and a Medium. I don't try to control or block any of my gifts. This does not mean that I automatically give you info on who or what I see. But when Spirit speaks, it may be the Divine Source or it may be a loved one filtering through a message. Therefore, if you are not open to the Medium portion, I am not the person to do you reading. 

Always on Point!!!
Whenever I get a reading from Tamara, she never skips a beat. Her readings are so detailed and always on point. It's not always what I want to hear, but it is what I need to hear, literally weeks or even days later whatever we discuss is revealed to me. I never leave a session confused. I love love love ordering from her! I have gotten a yoni egg that literally was meant for me. The process she takes in preparing the eggs and the affirmations that go along with the egg is awesome. I have ordered a moonscape box from her and truly loved it!! Ohhh and let's not discuss the sister circle!!! Those events are impactful and so empowering! I enjoy all the services provided


My reading with Tamara pulled together all the pieces I had been getting from Spirit in a way that made sense. I left thecall able to take what I had, what she gave, and what I received from my loved ones and have some major shifts in mindset that have me feeling excited about what's in store for me. She's amazing!

Do yourself a favor..

If you are open, receptive, willing and ready to receive the gift and blessing that her God given gifts will offer you then you will be tremendously blessed by a session with Tamara Angela. Her compassion and skill is incredible and knowledge, both spiritually and clinically are second to none. Stop thinking about it and do it. You will thank yourself afterwards.

Head Space

I had my first session with 
Ms Tamara recently and I’m amazed. Side note: This was my second reading in my life and I was definitely curious in her approach. To start with, she didn’t ask any questions just got right into it. She got into my headspace and took up residency for a minute like a time share lol and read me like a book. She feng shui my mind AND gave me some homework. Quite thankful.