By purchasing any of the services listed on the site, client is in agreement that the session is consensual and does replace any psychological or medical care. Client assumes responsibility for any personal actions as a result of the reading. Client also agrees that Tamara Angela is not held liable for any information obtained during the course of the reading. 

No refunds will be issued. All no-shows will be
givenopportunity to reschedule. All appointments must be prepaid to secure appointment. In the event that client cancels an appointment, you will be given the opportunity to reschedule. Please understand that there is limited scheduling but all attempts to find a convenient appointment will be made. If you are more than ten minutes late for your appointment time, you can opt to have the remaining time for your appointment slot or your appointment will be canceled and you will be asked to reschedule. 

Video chat will be used for most appointments. There are times that the phone conference line will be used as well. Video chat will be done via FB Messenger, Skype, or What's App. 

Booking Terms and Conditions