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There is a difference.    What happens is that most people log online and think that their sensitivity or mood changes and crying, etc equates to being an Empath or an Intuitive. That those qualities make them a healer because they feel drained or can sense other people's feelings.    L

I'm Not A Psychic

12/12/2017 12:57:22

  Well, that's not all of the way true.    I have psychic abilities, but I am by no means the woman sitting with a crystal ball waiting to tell you your future.    That's not what I do.    So many people come to me wanting me to give them a straight up yes or no answer to gui
  Readings are so very personal.    When people come to me, they are seeking guidance, peace, and clarity among other things.    Every person that does readings offers something different and styles vary.    I am a Psychic Medium who is Clairvoyant and Intu